Conversion Parts

Flex Fuel Kit

Simple plugin kit allowing Flex Fuel to be used - Will require tuning to enable the feature


Park Neutral Module

Used when converting your VE/VF to TH400/Powerglide. This allows the car to retain its security, cruise control, reverse lights , reverse camera and sensors all functioning as per factory. Note: - If previously 6L80/90e then programming of ABS, ECU and Cluster and BCM needed @ extra cost (call to discuss)


VE/VF to LSA Patch kit

Used when transplanting either a complete LSA engine or LSA supercharger to your VE/VF 6L/6.2L engine. Allows you to continue to use your E38 ECU minimising further expenses. NOTE - can also be used on VZ 6.0L and also non factory vehicles which are already running a E38 conversion harness.


Speed Sender

Screw on speed sender used when running a TH350/TH400 or powerglide and needing a speed input into a LS ECU. Comes with a mating connector ready to plug into a factory loom. Most common use is VT-VY LS1's running TH400 or powerglides. Note - will require tuning/calibration once fitted and also requires the speedo drive in the gearbox so unit can be fitted.. If running an older car with cable speedo you can select the Pass-Thru option which allows you to run the speed signal into the PCM while still allowing the speedo cable drive to the factory speedo.


Reluctor Module

Reluctor module - 58x to 24x . Used when running a late model 58x reluctor engine (L98, LS3, LSA etc..) in a early commodore running a LS1 PCM (or E40).


O2 Extensions

O2 sensor extensions - sold individually and come at 14" long 3 types - LS1 - 4pin flat, L98 LS2 LS3 - 4 pin square, LSA (VF) - 4 pin trapezoid


Coil Extensions

Coil Extensions are sold as a pair. They are from 7pin to 7pin connectors allowing you to relocate the coil packs while retaining the factory sub harnesses.


Throttle Module

Throttle module - used when converting you VZ LS1 FBW 8 pin Hitachi to a later 6 Pin LS2 style throttle body. Note after fitment the engine will need to be tuned


VF BiModal Bypass module - Electric 2015 onwards

For VF 2015 onwards commodores fitted from the factory with the Electric BiModal exhausts. This mod plugs into the rear fuse box and allows you to bypass the control of either the EDI or Factory Radio control of the bimodal exhaust with the push of a button from the supplied remote.