Conversion Parts

Flex Fuel Kit

Simple plugin kit allowing Flex Fuel to be used * Will require tuning to enable the feature * Now sold as harness only or with Sensor - make selection below



Park Neutral Module

Used when converting your VE/VF to TH400/Powerglide. This allows the car to retain its security, cruise control, reverse lights , reverse camera and sensors all functioning as per factory.



VE/VF to LSA Patch kit

Used when transplanting either a complete LSA engine or LSA supercharger to your VE/VF 6L/6.2L engine. Allows you to continue to use your E38 ECU minimising further expenses. NOTE - can also be used on VZ 6.0L and also non factory vehicles which are already running a E38 conversion harness.



Speed Sender

Screw on speed sender used when running a TH350/TH400 or powerglide and needing a speed input into a LS ECU. Comes with a mating connector ready to plug into a factory loom. Most common use is VT-VY LS1's running TH400 or powerglides. Note - will require tuning/calibration once fitted and also requires the speedo drive in the gearbox so unit can be fitted.. If running an older car with cable speedo you can select the Pass-Thru option which allows you to run the speed signal into the PCM while still allowing the speedo cable drive to the factory speedo.



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Reluctor Module

Reluctor module - 58x to 24x . Used when running a late model 58x reluctor engine (L98, LS3, LSA etc..) in a early commodore running a LS1 PCM (or E40).



VT-VZ LS1 Gear Display Module

Module designed to display gear on factory VT-VZ LS1 instrument cluster when a Power glide or TH400 etc fitted.



O2 Extensions

O2 sensor extensions - sold individually and come at 14" long 3 types - LS1 - 4pin flat, L98 LS2 LS3 - 4 pin square, LSA (VF) - 4 pin trapezoid



Coil Extensions

Coil Extensions are sold as a pair. They are from 7pin to 7pin connectors allowing you to relocate the coil packs while retaining the factory sub harnesses.



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Throttle Module

Throttle module - used when converting you VZ LS1 FBW 8 pin Hitachi to a later 6 Pin LS2 style throttle body. Note after fitment the engine will need to be tuned



Cam Extension

Cam extension when fitting a 6L or similar engine with a front cam sensor into a vehicle with a LS1 loom fitted with a rear cam sensor plug



LS1 Knock Extension

Used when fitting a 6L style engine into a LS1 loom/PCM vehicle. Requires the LS1 factory knock sensors to be fitted to side of block.



MAP Extension

Map extensions to suit different applications. Select from different options below,include standard 6L into LS1 car with early MAP sensor, or late BOSCH map sensor, or maybe just need a short patch to go from an early style to late style map. Even do custom if need be.



VF BiModal Bypass module - Electric 2015 onwards

For VF 2015 onwards commodores fitted from the factory with the Electric BiModal exhausts. This mod plugs into the rear fuse box and allows you to bypass the control of either the EDI or Factory Radio control of the bimodal exhaust with the push of a button from the supplied remote.



IAT Extension

IAT Extensions - Used when going mafless or relocating the IAT sensor



Coil Sub Harnesses

Sub harnesses for use on you engine loom to go between the 7 Pin coil plug to the individual coils on rocker covers. Generally used when fitting a LSA engine into a LS1 car and swapping out the LSA coil/Injector sub harnesses. Another application is when running a Carby setup and a MSD ignition box.



Bimodal Retrofit Module

Used when fitting VF Electric BiModal mufflers to a non Electric factory fitted car. Simple Ignition and Earth needed to connect to get working and controlled via a remote control ON/OFF or a switch which is supplied by the customers (requires a ON/OFF latching switch NOT Momentary). Select which option when purchasing.



LSA Coil relocation sub harnesses

Used when wanting to relocate coils away from rocker covers. Ordered as a pair.



Programming Bench Harness

Bench programming harness used to flash ECU's off car - great for doing mail order tunes or if having issues with a car and need to try flashing off the car.



VE / LOKAR Shifter module

VE/Lokar Shifter module is used when retaining the BCM in you LS/6L80e Auto conversion but don't have the room or want to change your shifter to a Lokar Shifter (May work with others). Simply unplug your VE shifter and plug the module in, then wire in the TAP UP/TAP Down and Sports mode wires and you are done.



HSV VE E1 E2 E3 Binnacle Wiring

HSV VE E1 E2 E3 HSV Triple Binnacle Gauge Module To Vehicle Wiring Harness Loom



VT-VZ External Speed Sender

External Speed sensor kit - used for VT-VZ Commodores when running a Powerglide or similar gearbox but doesn't have the ability to run a speed sensor in the case (Reid case is an example). This setup allows you to run the sensor of the IRS diff sensor and plugs into the factory harness. Kit comes with Sensor, Bracket and 2.75m wiring to allow plug-in to factory harness. Note:- Bracket is designed for IRS Setups with ABS tone ring only